What is Exposure Events?

Exposure Events is a firm powered by promotional innovators. We drive enhanced brand awareness and generate return business through customized trade shows. Our interactive initiatives based on cutting edge research allows our clients to focus on what they do best and allow us to take control of the driver’s seat.

Driven By Collaboration

At Exposure Events, we believe in the power of creative collaboration. We inspire our team members to combine their considerable talents to achieve our clients’ goals. This ensures consistent winning results that propel brands into the future.

Innovation Leads The Way

Every retail event we create at Exposure Events is guided by our passion for innovation. Our focus is always fixed on crafting unique campaigns that engage the public and forge lasting, meaningful connections between companies and their most receptive customers to ensure they’re leagues ahead of the competition.

Gain Market Share

We make it a top priority to expand market penetration for your brands. Through the creation of a tantalizing consumer event, we put your brand at the front of your ideal customer’s mind.

Fast Campaign Turnaround

Within just a few short weeks, our vibrant and innovative team members will implement a uniquely-targeted, appealing, and ambitious marketing initiative.

Work with the Best

At Exposure Events, we promote associates based on merit and performance, allowing the motivated and talented individuals opportunities to advance. This lets us put our best foot forward when creating awareness solutions for your brand, because you will work with only the most creative and ambitious advertising specialists.

Flexibility and Peace of Mind Through Outsourcing

A great deal of time and energy is necessary to sustain a separate marketing division. A much more cost-effective strategy is to contract your marketing needs to us and return your focus to your primary business operations.

Exponentially Increasing Awareness

In our modern, uber-connected society, well-presented information is more than just appealing –it’s infectious. Our campaigns motivate brand awareness at digital speed, creating a wave of goodwill and enthusiasm we are expertly poised to ride.

Targeted Consumer Knowledge

At the beginning of every event-planning process, we conduct comprehensive research on the needs and desires of your brand’s ideal consumer. By understanding your audience, we ensure our ability to influence them.

"…a dynamic team with fresh ideas and guided by a mission to take brands to new heights…"

"…inventive professionals with a passion for crafting ground-breaking promotional campaigns…"

"…a group of exceptional young business minds with their sights set on delivering impressive results…"