Exposure Events’ Favorite Time-Management Tips

Exposure Events’ Favorite Time-Management Tips

Like everyone, our Exposure Events associates are continually searching for ways in which to squeeze more minutes out of every day. Here are some impactful best practices for effective time management:

• Only Attend Meetings You Need to Be At: Our Exposure Events professionals ask you to consider how many meetings you attend during a specific period. How many would you propose were valuable or in which your contributions made your attendance worthwhile? One of the biggest time wasters is meetings for the sake of meetings. Unless mandatory, ask yourself (or your boss) if time spent in meetings could be better applied to more productive work.

• Know How You’re Spending Time: For one week, our Exposure Events experts recommend that you keep a log of your daily activities, from when you wake up until you go to sleep. Mark down the time you spend on projects, both household or work. Note how long it takes you to prepare for work or other activities. Don’t forget to list other time spends, like mindless internet searches or time on social media. Review this list and see where you can streamline your time.

• Declutter Frequently: Allocate time in your schedule to organize and declutter either daily or weekly. This includes eliminating unnecessary paperwork and purging emails.

With these tips, you’ll be able to better maximize your 24 hours a day and accomplish more.