Exposure Events: The Value of Team Meals

Exposure Events: The Value of Team Meals

Sharing meals is one of the best ways to bring your people closer and create a more productive workplace. That’s our belief here at Exposure Events, and we are far from alone. We would like to highlight a few positive outcomes of providing company meals for your associates.

Some estimates show that 50 percent of professionals eat lunch at their desks every day, which we at Exposure Events see as a lot of missed opportunities. When you bring your people together for lunch, you give them daily chances to brainstorm and collaborate in a low-pressure environment. You need to take advantage of every possible social activity for your associates, and lunch should be at the top of the list.

If you provide the right kind of food for your associates, you will actually help boost their brainpower. The World Health Organization found that lunches packed with protein and fiber can enhance brain function by as much as 20 percent, so be sure you’re giving your team the healthy foods they need to thrive.

Breakfast with your team is also a good idea as well, and a healthy morning meal comes with an added benefit. Not only will foods such as oatmeal and bananas improve concentration, you can set the tone for the day to come by bringing your people together first thing in the morning. You don’t want your people to suffer from mid-morning sugar crashes, so help them avoid doughnuts and fast food by providing healthy team breakfasts.

Our Exposure Events leaders hope you will remember these points and unite your team around good food on a regular basis.